BIO-GEN Sp. z o.o.
ul. 1-go Maja 26
46-100 Namysłów (woj. opolskie)

tel.: (77) 445 59 04
fax.: (77) 410 04 20

Our products

Compound feeds

Preparations BIOGEN contain probiotic which improves resistance, health, vitality and productivity of animals.

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Preparations for plants

Growth stimulator SUPERPLON K for arable crops. BIOGEN Rewital – the preparation that improves soil characteristics. KRIO-FLOR improves plant resistance during frosts.

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Preparations BIOSAN for improving environmental conditions by eliminating odors and by reprocessing solid and liquid waste materials. KOMPOST START is designed for composting bins and rubbish dumps.

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Purification of aquatic environment

BIOGEN-REMEDIANT – preparation for eliminating sediments in lakes and other water reservoirs. It is used for purification of waterholes and ponds.

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Welcome to Bio-Gen website

The main objective of the Company BIO-GEN sp. z o. o. are activities in such domains as genetic engineering and biotechnology, activities connected with biological progress in animal breeding and activities focused on the protection of environment.

Bio-Gen has 20 years of experience in production and distribution of preparations for animals and plants. Our experience is confirmed by high demand for our products.

We are constantly observing the demand and the needs of the market and our clients. The company is conducting research and development activities in such areas as biological and environmental sciences as well as forestry, agricultural and animal sciences.

In addition to producing biopreparations on the basis of the micro-organisms (probiotics, feed compounds, eliminators), the Company also produces preparations for plants and preparations that improve plant resistance to low temperatures (frosts). Moreover, our offer is being expanded every year by adding new products which are adjusted to the needs of our Clients.

2004, Bio-Gen sets up a farm of medical leeches bred under laboratory conditions.

Bio-Gen was the first company in Poland that met demand for hirudotherapy and started breeding and selling medical leeches.

Bio-Gen is the history of hirudotherapy. We are the first company in Poland that started courses of hirudotherapy.